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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Coming Soon:

Up and coming... our first public beta!


Desktop Application - Manage your podcasts, then transfer them to your mobile device
  • Search function: Looking for your a particular podcast? Find it with our handy search bar.
  • Web browser: Like to get your podcasts from a particular source? Just enter the URL and go.
  • Subscriptions: Want to keep up with your favorite shows? Use XML and RSS feeds to watch for the latest episodes.
  • Downloads: Get the podcasts you want, then...
  • Transfer: Send them to your mobile.

Mobile Application - Organize and play your podcasts on the go

  • Use our simple interface, to delete, view, or play your podcast on your Windows Mobile Device.

It's on its way, so look forward to it!

-The Pocket Podcasts Team


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